Saturday, August 21, 2010

Week 2 & 3, August 2010

Hello there. It's been a while, huh. Blame it on Ramadhan month, I have been lacking in updating this blog.

Fret not, I am still using PBC, without fail. Even on weekends!! I can't seem to go out without it now.

Even better, I am thinking of getting a second one. Yeap. You read me. A SECOND set of PBC. A smaller size of course. Not for the bra though. For waist nipper and girdle, I am definitely getting one size smaller.

I had my period on the 19th, which is becoming regular now. What I DIDN'T expect it the lack of PMS. At first when they say that PBC helps reduce the period pain, I didn't really buy it. But as I am experiencing it myself now. Whoah. This is GREAT!! I mean, I know that my period is approaching but the lack of sign (pain) make me thot that maybe in another 1 week's time.. And then, voila, I got mine on the 19th.

For the past 24 years, I am suffering from PMS, especially worse on the 1st day. Some say it would go away after you got married or have a kid but my PMS does not. Every 1st day of my period, I would experience total discomfort and lower abdominal pain. Sometimes I have to even popped down a pill or two!

Until recently, it came sort of without warning. And I could not feel any happier with the 'progress'. Let's hope that thing will get even better in the next month to come, yah!


Yes, I am seriously considering getting a SECOND, SMALLER set now.

Till we meet in the next entry- Fasting with PBC and a cup of green tea a day will.....

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KS said...

One size smaller??? Olalallaaaa Jeleshhhhhh....

nong said...

hehehe rase bra pun dah boleh amik one size smaller. ngeee!!