Friday, August 06, 2010

Week 1, August 2010

I am well into my Month 2 wearing PB. It gets better everyday, no kidding...

I mean, like what I put in my FB status a while ago..

Weight Is Subjective, But Size Matters

Yes. What a liberating moments to be wearing dresses/blouses/pants one or two size smaller. IMMEDIATELY, after you put on your PBC, just take your old dress/blouse, I can assure you that you would fit in nicely.

Another thing, knowing that now, you can slowly graduated from the 'plus' section or leaving then X from L behind. Am loving it!!!

I had so much fun wearing nice attires off late. I worry no more about bulging stomach, visible panty liner (arkss, VERY faux pass)... They are things of a history now. Gone are the days when I had to hold my breath in order to cover my stomach. Now, I walk with confidence.

Yes, another level of confidence, knowing that the outside has been taken care of, the inside is feeling good!!!

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