Saturday, July 24, 2010

Week 4, July 2010

So we have reached Week 4 with my wearing PBC. I love how PBC holds everything back in its place now. Where they should be.

Everytime I go out without PBC, it feels one kind, feels incomplete. So I end up wearing the full set during working days and just a waist nipper during the weekend.


WHEN U FEEL GOOD, YOU WILL LOOK GOOD. But you won't feel good based on nothing. You feel good knowing that you have made the right choice and the right investment to your body.

PBC is not just about beauty, it's about being healthy too. How?

  1. You HAVE to drink 8 glasses of water everyday, without fail. Now we all know that water is the best clean up agent for your body.
  2. You improve your posture as PBC will make you sit straight. Sitting straight is also mean that you are taking take of your back and your back bones.
  3. It's FIR that is embedded in the PBC 'bones' structure that helps improve your blood circulation, increase metabolism and burn fat. Most of the time, when your blood circulation has been improved, you'll have more radiant and healthy skin and complexion.
  4. You eat less. Yes. I can vouch this for myself. I'm not a foodie but I eat a lot. But now, with PBC gripping my stomach area tightly, there's only that much food that I can stuff in. You eat as per usual, with lesser quantity and that's for sure will help you losing weight fast.

Last but not least, by end of July, we'll face another music....

It's the weigh in and measuring day peeps!!!!!!!!!!!


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