Saturday, July 17, 2010

Week 3, July 2010

A great week 3. Let's take a rest from PBC 101 and we shall have some fun ok...

Found this over the internet and would like to share it here.

  • a positive attitude, a bright smile and a happy heart

  • support, comfort and love from your friends, family and loved ones

  • to remember what's important in your life- it's not what u look really, it's how you feel

  • live life to its fullest, everyday

  • a full length mirror

  • an impressive selection of unusual, vintage, chunky jewellery

  • big supportive pants

  • a bra capable of wearing the weight of your boobs

  • opaque tights

  • wedge heel shoes/sandals

  • a large bag

  • confidence!

Last but not least, here some of the pics moi:

Have a great weekend!!!!


T-shirt: Tesco RM10, with custom blings

Jeans: Diesel

Shoes: Vincci

Bag: Black Vitello Miu Miu

Headscarf: Ariani

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KS said...

Woott woott!!! Ok apa flats tu i likeee!! And the bling2 shirt.. Wahh cocok gitu!! And yes sudah makin curvy gituuuuu...

nong said...

maybe sebab x biasa pakai flats rase cam rendah plaks...

hehehhe pakai pbc mmg guarantee curvy punya!!

Wawa said...

lara told me that you looked WOW. :)

nong said...


hahhaha.. everything is at its place now, lol....

kalau interested nak jd business partner I wakil melaka, buzz me anytime beb.... sambil pakai, sambil business...

salha said...

u look so differeeeentttt ok!!!!