Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Big Reveal

Yes, am gonna reveal everything for this transformation journey....

1) My current weight: 80.3kg

2) My vital statistics:

  • Chest: 99cm (39")
  • Bust: 104cm (41")
  • Upper abs (under bust): 91cm (36")
  • Lower abs: 109cm (43")
  • Waist: 97cm (38.2")
  • Hips: 110 (43")
  • Thigh: 65cm (25.4")

Week 1, June 2010 : Product Assimilation

So, to help me achieving my goal, I am enlisting the help of a Superbrand Premium Beautiful Corset (PBC). Ok, when I said- "drastic and almost desperate measures" in the previous entry, I dont mean- CRASH DIET or EXCESSIVE exercise. I mean this. I neither have the time for extra hours at the gym nor the will to drastically cut down my food intake. And I need something that will help me shape up, loose up and fit up without having to sacrifice food or time. As a result, PBC is the most suitable product for me. While I am working at the office, the PBC will do its wonder to my body. See, killing 2 birds in one stone.


PBC come in 3 parts: the bra, the waist nipper and the girdle. (See pics below, all in their individual packaging).

At first, I was WHOAH!!! Do I have to allocate an extra time in the morning to put it on? There goes my valuable sleep time. (Hey, 5-10 minutes of extra sleep every working morning is VERY valuable).

But then, believe you me, like any other products that you have to get used to, you'll be good at it. I mean, I am only wearing it for 3 days now and I'm a pro. My 'worry' was unfounded. I don't even have to wake up extra early after all.

One major concern has been checked off.

I'll address another concern in the next entry. This entry has too much information already for y'alls to digest. Am sure you're still gasping at my vital stats. LOL. Hey, I am as suprised as y'alls like, seriously, I can 'grow' THIS big????

Till we meet again in the next entry. Take care.


KS said...
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KS said...

oh babe, u're not alone. i pon tak pi gym and not willing to cut my food intake. byk sangat makanan sedap2 nowadays hehe :P
hasilnya? sekarang sudah naik 5 kg u!!! waarrrggghhhh...

eh, pi toilet senang ke kalau pakai pb?

btw, good luck nong! :)

nong said...

KS, surprisingly ok. macam mudah nak tanggalkan. memula agak skeptical nak pakai girdle sebab takut susah nak kencing seme kan, tapi ok plaks...