Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shortage of PB (Which Is A GOOD Problem)


We are actually experiencing shortage of PB stocks!!!!!! My client's order has been pending since last week and I have been advised by Mdm Stokist to try checking again NEXT WEEK for new stock.

Now, I am NOT complaining. Just merely stating a fact that this shortages is a GOOD PROBLEM.

Meaning that people's business is expending and blooming and ladies out there are aware of the good things that PB can do to you and the demand is beyond!

Fret not, you can still place your order for PB. The most important thing is to get your measurement correct first, then place your order. And since the size is made custom to your body size, there is different sizes to each part. Unlike over the counter corsets sold outside which based on S, M, L, PB strictly caters to different size for different part of your body.

Let's usher NY2011 with healthier and curvier you.

Wanna Know More About The Woman's Best Kept Secret? Well secret no more:
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~MZee~ said...

Hey..bumped into your blog by accident. Could see that you're jumping into the bandwagon for a healthier self. Good! Let's inspire ourselves. Good thing that PB works for you. I soo envy people who can wear it because I know I can't due to my terrible back problem.

nong said...


Hi. thanks fort stopping by. Have u tried wearing PB before? Because it can reduce/cure back pain as PB can help improving your posture.