Saturday, September 04, 2010

I Fit: 7 For All Mankind

I always love good fitting jeans, with a bit of a name attached to it. Especially the 'IT' jeans- 7 For All Mankind, Agnes B, True Religion (to name a few).

But the again, I always wonder, with my then body, will I ever fit in those jeans. Well, worry no more. With PBC, I know it's possible. And tadaa... I fit 7 for All Mankind jeans nicely.

The best denim ever. And the price tag- A whooping RM1,ooo. Err.. Maybe later LOL. I still would like to own one (or two though.. ;))
Of course, the ODJ:

Headscarf- Syria Tudung
Top- Erica Plus (Size S... weeee)
Belt- Charles & Keith
Pants- Erica Plus (Size S...)
Shoes- Eclipse
Bag- Tod's G Bag
Necklace- Vintage collection

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The Queen Bee said...

pinggang kak nong pun dah nampak kecik