Monday, October 30, 2006

Back! (Hopefully for good and for real this time)

I'm back! I vow to make it permanent this time....

  • Complete November training schedule. At least one part exercised daily (especially abdominals), 2 tough ones on weekend and 1-2 moderate regimes during weekdays.
  • Wean myself off the unhealthy food gradually
  • Stick to the schedule

Exercise Audio Visuals (to be utilized fully):


  1. Fat Blaster
  2. 5 day Abs
  3. Tough Aerobic Mix
  4. Sculpted buns, hips and thigh
  5. Standing Legs
  6. Complete Aerobic & Weight Training
  7. Not So Tough Aerobic Mix

Karen Voight:

  1. Abdominals and Back

Kathy Smith:

  1. Upper Body Workout

Equipment and Tools:

  1. Exercise Mat & Towels
  2. Good ol Nike trainers
  3. Dumbells: 5lbs, 3lbs and 2.2 lbs
  4. Ankle weight: 1.0lbs
  5. Step platform

All the best to me!

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